June Birth Flower: Rose

June birth flower is the rose. Its sweet fragrance and timeless beauty of the rose announces the beginning of summer like no other flower. The name “rose” is derived from the Latin word rosa. Roses have been cherished for their beauty and fragrance for centuries.


Most people believe that roses were first cultivated around the Caspian Sea or Gulf of Persia millions of years ago. The ancient Greeks and Romans identified roses with love and passion beginning with their association with the goddesses Aphrodite, Isis and Venus. Cleopatra is said to have received Marc Anthony in a room filled literally knee-deep with roses.

In England, roses suited the mood of a romantic Victorian age as emblems. The famous 15th century “War of the Roses” was titled due to its wartime symbolism. The Wars of the Roses were a series of English civil warsfor control of the throne of England fought between supporters of two rival branches of the royal House of Plantagenet : the House of Lancaster a red rose House of York, whose symbol was a white rose

(Framed print after 1908 painting by Henry Payne of the scene in the Temple Garden from Shakespeare Henry VI, Part 1, where supporters of the rival factions pick either red or white roses)

In early Christianity, The mystic rose appears in Dante’s Divine Comedy, where it represents God’s love. By the twelfth century, the red rose had come to represent Christ’s passion, and the blood of the martyr. The most common association of the rose is with the Virgin Mary.

(St. Elizabeth of Hungary: Miracle of the roses by Karl von Blaas)


June birth flower Rose is generally known to symbolize love, beauty, honor, faith, and devotion. However, Roses can also communicate different meanings depending on the color of the rose or the number of the roses given. A bouquet of roses signifies sincere gratitude while giving a single stem amplifies the meaning of the color.

Red roses mean “I love you

Red and white together symbolize unity

Pink roses symbolize perfect happiness

Yellow roses symbolize friendship

White roses symbolize innocence and purity

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