July Flower Of the Month : Delphinium

Happy Birthday July babies! Your birth flower is the delicate and unique delphinium. Their season peaks in the summertime making it the perfect flower for you to enjoy during your birthday. They have a unique tall structure and their blooms come in many pastel and bright colors. 

Delphinium meaning: 


Delphiniums symbolize cheerfulness and goodwill. They are used to communicate encouragement and joy, as well as remembering loved ones who have passed. 

Here are some common Delphinium colors and what they symbolize.


Blue Delphinium


True blue delphiniums are associated with grace and dignity. Lighter shades of blue represent youth and success. Some meanings for blue delphiniums also include trust, new life, and remembrance.


 Purple Delphinium

Purple Delphiniums symbolize beauty and royalty, and they would make the perfect gift for your significant other.





Pink Delphinium


Delicate pink delphiniums symbolize love and romance. They also represent birth  and a new life. They are popular for celebrating the birth of a daughter. 


White  Delphinium


White Delphiniums symbolize purity and innocence much like most white flowers. They also symbolize spirituality and are commonly used in weddings. 


Historical meaning and Common Use: 


Delphiniums have been utilized as a symbol to ward off evil spirits and negative energy for generations. Most flowers can not work in all types of floral arrangements, however that is not the case for delphiniums. They are versatile and can be used in vertical accent or cascading arrangements as well as hand bouquets and of course JLF boxes!

How to care for delphiniums in your home: 

Cut any leaves or foliage that will fall below the water level. This will keep the delphiniums fresh for a longer period of time and will give them a cleaner appearance. It will avoid rotten leaves and harmful bacteria in the water. 

Cut the stems at a 45-degree angle to promote water intake. 

Rinse the stems thoroughly before placing them in a vase, again to avoid any harmful bacteria from seeping in the water. 

Change the water every 2 to 3 days . Place the vase in a cool area and out of direct sunlight. 

Below are some Delphinium Arrangements created by the talented designers of J’Adore Les Fleurs.

Best JLF Flowers According to your Zodiac Sign

Since the beginning of time humans have looked into the stars for guidance and inspiration. They have tried to use constellations to make sense of the events occurring in the world, and to tell the future. Today we often use our own zodiac signs to find out more about ourselves, our personalities and our relationships. But have you ever considered looking to your zodiac sign to pick the perfect flower arrangement? If you’re having trouble choosing an arrangement for your girlfriend, mom, sister or even just a treat for yourself, here is a guide created for you to look to the stars once again and pick the perfect arrangement tailored to your sign! 

1. Flowers for Aries ( March 20 – April 19 )
Aries is the first and youngest sign of the zodiac, making it the most passionate, confident and competitive in nature. Aries is a fire sign which makes them extremely passionate, motivated, and a confident leader. Frequently referred to as the superheroes of the zodiac, they are extremely independent and dive into their problems head first without  much thought. Their childlike nature is commonly represented by the fiery colors of red and orange. 

The JLF arrangement “Orange you Happy” in the crystal vase perfectly represents the bright personalities of Aries with the orange dahlias, arranged with the beautiful geraldine roses and callas.




 If you’re looking for an option with our signature boxes instead of a vase, “Autumn Vibes” with piercing red and orange shades, encapsulates the vibrant Aries spirit.


Lastly, if you’re looking for a signature rose box, the “Signature Red & Yellow USC Rose Box ” commonly a gift to USC students is very appropriate for the courageous Aries. The term Trojan, means “no matter what the situation, what the odds or what the conditions, the competitions must be carried on to the end and those who strive must give all they have and never be weary in doing so.” If you’ve ever met an Aries you know this definition describes them perfectly, due to their nature of being extremely resilient during tough times. 

2. Flowers for Taurus ( April 20 – May 20) 

The word Taurus in Latin means bull. They are also an Earth sign so as you can imagine they are very stubborn and grounded in nature. They are ruled by the planet Venus, the planet of beauty and love. This in turn makes them lovers of beauty, luxury and comfort. They enjoy luxury in all forms of life; fashion, lifestyle and of course fine dining. Taurus are also extremely hard working, and have an endless amount of patience. Their luxurious identity is commonly represented by the colors of pink, black and nude.

At first glance it looks as if the “Dark Princess” arrangement was custom made for the glamorous Taurus. It’s pastel shades of pink garden roses show the feminine side of Taurus, while the dark kisses of  black roses represent the stable and grounded nature of the stubborn bull. Finally, the blush pink box accompanied with the black pearl handle provides a beautiful representation of their contrasting personality.



For all rose lovers the “Signature Pink Rose with a Black Heart” fully embodies the glitz and glamour of Taurus. 

The bright pink roses bring out a beautiful pop of color, and the black heart matches with the black box, giving it a seamless harmony of colors. It is eye catching just like the luxurious and fancy Taurus.

Lastly, we present “The Chic Arrangement in the Perfect vase”, which really speaks for itself. The pale pink eskimo roses, combined with hellebores, will bring a fresh touch to any home.

3. Flowers for Gemini ( May 21 – June 20)

The symbol of Gemini is a pair of twins, which is a representation of their dual and versatile nature. They are an air sign and ruled by the planet of Mercury which is the planet of communication. This makes them extremely talkative, curious and always a blast to be around. They have a multitude of passions and often struggle to focus on one venture at a time. They are known to have multiple personalities which makes them incredibly adaptable and they are quick to adjust to any environment. The lively Gemini is associated with the colors green, white and yellow. 

The “For Green Lovers” arrangement, that reminds us  of a tropical rainforest, shows the adventurous and fun-loving side of Gemini. This lush, dynamic arrangement includes different shades and textures of green which represent Gemini’s multiple personalities.



For a Signature Rose option, the white roses in “JLF Signature White in Boite de Palme” have a timeless and classy look, but they are balanced with the funky and unique look of the palm trees on the box.

“Monaco Sunrise” is a beautiful name for not just this arrangement but for the Gemini in your life as well. Geminis are often compared to the lavish and lively lifestyle of the inhabitants of Monaco, so this beautiful arrangement with touches of gorgeous green ranunculus and white orchids is guaranteed to put a smile on any Gemini’s face.

4. Flowers for Cancer ( June 21- July 22)
Cancers are known as the most sensitive and emotional sign of the zodiac, although they are so much more than that. They are a water sign which makes them extremely nurturing and in tune with energies and other people’s emotions. They are incredibly protective of the ones they love. They are ruled by the Moon which makes them the homebody of the zodiac. If you’re lucky to have a Cancer in your life, they will offer comfort and a shoulder to cry on in hard times. The warm Cancer is associated with the colors blue, lavender and seafoam green.




The breathtaking royal blue color in the “Yelena Blue Roses with Orchids in Rectangle Box” represents the sensitive, water nature of Cancers. The kisses of blue orchids add a unique touch to the roses and the long rectangle box will bring a beautiful touch to any dining table. 




In this mixed “Pastel Lady” arrangement the soft composition of light pink and lavender shades represents the nurturing and mellow cancer spirit.

The round white box marries perfectly with the touches of white lisianthus scattered all across the flowers.

If the cancer in your life likes a more traditional approach to flowers, this antique looking vase would be their dream. Although the shape of the vase is quite common, the holographic mix of  blue and green colors adds a unique and modern touch to the vase. The blue and green hydrangeas harmonize beautifully with the vase.

5. Flowers for Leo ( July 23 -August 22 )
As the name states, Leo is represented by the brave and powerful lion, which is very fitting to their personalities. Leos are a fire sign, which makes them natural born leaders, and very popular in their circle of friends. Leos have very dominant and hard to resist personalities, and are not afraid to take initiative in even the most difficult situations that life throws at them. They are ruled by the Sun, and as the Sun gives energy to everything in our solar system, Leos light up any room they are in with their warm and inviting energy. Their sunny personalities are represented by the colors, gold, orange and yellow.

“The Signature Gold Rose Box” beautifully encapsulates the bright and electric Leo personalities. It includes 50 fresh roses sprayed with a beautiful golden color, and it will make any Leo’s day.

If the Leo in your life is bold, luxurious and a lover of the finer things in life ( as they usually are) then this beautiful vase is sure to stun them. “The Luxurious Reds In a Gold Vase” is a mix of premium peonies, red roses and callas with a touch of orchids on the side and it’s as dramatic and eye-catching as any Leo.

If you’re looking for a JLF Signature mix option, this yellow number is as cheerful and happy as Leo. “Shine Like a Star” is an arrangement mixed with all mostly yellow spray roses and a touch of tulips. The yellow hue of this arrangement perfectly encompasses the beautiful Leo.

6. Flowers Virgo ( August 23 – September 22 )

Virgo is an Earth sign represented by the Goddess of wheat and agriculture. This makes them incredibly grounded and thoughtful. Virgos are extremely hard-working and it’s likely the Virgos in your life are workaholics and never take a day off due to their nature of being self-critical. They are very artistic and creative, and will likely throw themselves into their passions, disappearing for hours and even days, making sure the outcome of their work is spotless and perfect. They are also incredibly patient and kind and one of the most reliable friends you can have. Virgos are represented by the earthy colors of brown, grey and green.

Inspired by a milky coffee order, the “Macchiato Fleurs” is the perfect arrangement for the hard working Virgo. A mix of beautiful quicksand roses, ranunculus and orchids it’s sure to make any Virgo’s room the perfect momentary distraction from their busy schedule.

For a signature rose option the “Isabella Box” is a beautiful mix of dusty faith and white vendela roses. The dusty miller leaves and black box make it a chic arrangement suit for any of your amazing Virgo friends.



Lastly for vase lovers, this classy and sophisticated beauty is sure to impress anyone, especially the critical Virgo.

The “Beige Rose Cloud” is a mix of quicksand and white vendela roses arranged in a dome shape in a black clay vase, and is the perfect gift to the Virgo in your life.

7. Flowers for Libra ( September 23 – October 22 ) 
Although every sign is beautiful in their own ways, Libras are specifically known for being beautiful and charming. Libras love to have everything in their life in perfect order and aesthetically pleasing. Of course no one can be completely balanced and fair, Libras come closest to being the most just and are always the peacemakers in their group. This makes sense since they are represented by the scales. Social in every environment and witty in their speech, they are sure to win everyone over with their charm. The beautiful Libras are represented by the colors pink, purple and blue.




For the most beauty loving sign in the zodiac, the “Britney Spears Box” is sure to wow any Libra. A mix full of premium flowers such as peonies, anemones, roses and more, this charming box was made originally for the legendary Britney Spears herself. The pearl handle on the box wraps the arrangement up with a classic touch.

For a vase option the “75 Lavender Roses in a Glass Vase” are a beautiful and a fresh breath of air to any Libra’s home, and will add an aesthetically pleasing touch that they work so hard to upkeep.

8. Flowers for Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

The dark and mysterious Scorpio, as their name states, is represented by the Scorpion. 

This representation illustrates their intensity and self protectiveness much like the deadly Scorpion. Scorpio’s are exceptionally ambitious and determined, and will likely achieve anything they put their mind to. They are very secretive and trust very few in their life, but are extremely caring and protective towards anyone they love or deem close to them, which often is not a lot of people. The fierce Scorpio is represented by the colors black, dark purple and burgundy. 

For the mystical Scorpio, a deep and goth  arrangement is sure to win their heart. “Malificent” is mixed with black roses, deep purple callas, velvet touches of anemones and perfectly fitting to the unique and dark aesthetic of Scorpio.

This bold, red arrangement is stunning much like the eye catching Scorpio. The “J’adore Red Fleurs” in a Vase” arrangement is a mix of burgundy peonies, fuschia roses and dark hydrangeas. 







Completing our list with another black arrangement, this signature all black rose option is the epitome of elegance.

The “Signature Black Velvet Roses With Orchids” is a vision of black roses with kisses of purple orchids, and is sure to excite any Scorpio.

9. Flowers for Sagittarius ( November 22 – December 21)
The freedom loving Sagittarius is a fire sign. They are spontaneous and always searching for a new adventure, and are the last to leave any party (which makes sense since they are the life of the party). They are hilarious and optimistic and are able to make anyone smile. They will inspire anyone around them to let loose and have a good time, just by being themselves. They are also highly intelligent and one of the best conversationalists of the zodiac. The cheerful Sagittarius is represented by the colors purple, lavender and peach.

The “Purple Crush” arrangement is outstanding and breathtaking, and will command attention in any room without trying. It includes bold pink peonies in  the center with purple and lavender flowers surrounding them. It will make anyone take a second look just like the animated Saggitarius.






Rainbow roses signify happiness and joy, so what better recipient for them than the joyful Sagittarius. 

The “Signature 100 Rainbow Rose Box” arrangement doesn’t need much explanation as it speaks for itself, just like the outspoken Sagittarius.





This arrangement is as scattered and lively as the Saggitarius. “My English Garden Fleurs”. It includes beautiful big dahlias, peonies, anemones and garden roses and has a very airy feel to it. This arrangement perfectly encapsulates the carefree Sagittarius spirit. 

10. Flowers for Capricorn  ( December 22 – January 19 )
Capricorns are likely the most ambitious and business minded sign of the zodiac. They are extreme workaholics and will not let anything distract them from their goals. They love being in control of everything in their life, and they are not afraid to work hard to reach the epitome of comfort and power. They are an Earth sign which makes them practical and organized in most aspects of their life. Their sense of humor is slightly sarcastic and they are brutally honest with their friends. Although their circle of friends might be small due to their busy schedule, they are extremely loyal and will stand by their loved ones till the end. The hard-working Capricorn is represented by the colors brown, purple and grey.

For vase lovers, the “Blushing for you’ arrangement in the grey ceramic vase is a soft but beautiful touch to any dining table. A mix of fresh peonies, hydrangeas and dusty miller leaves, it’s sure to make any Capricorn take a break from work to admire their beauty.

For a signature rose option, this one is classy, chic and impressive. The “JLF Roses meet Peonies” is a beautiful balance of white roses, arranged in the emerald green box and topped off with a pop of pink peonies. This arrangement is sure to bring a smile to the Capricorn in your life.



Just one look at this arrangement reminds us of the grounded Capricorn. “Emerald Elegance” is a neutral and earthy box filled with green mondial and quicksand roses with touches of white flowers. Finally the classic grey box is the perfect vessel for this beauty.

11. Flowers for Aquarius ( January 20 – February 18 ) 

Aquarius is known as the rebel of the zodiac. They are unique and original in everything that they do and always stand out in the crowd. Aquarius is kind, friendly, generous beyond measure, and filled with many quirks that make them memorable to anyone they meet. They care about the welfare of others and about the society and earth as a whole. They are an Air sign and are represented by The Water Bearer. This symbolizes them being good listeners and always having room in their vessel for their friends to vent out  their frustrations. The unique Aquarius is represented by the colors of turquoise, blue and white.

Aquarius is known to stand out in the crowd, much like this classic vase arrangement. The “White Rose Cloud” is a mix of vendella white roses in the chic black vase, and will be the perfect gift to any Aquarius. 

Aquarius is represented by different shades of blue, especially turquoise, so the “Love for Turquoise” is ideal for any Aquarius in your life. It’s a mix of vendella roses, dahlias, turquoise sprayed callas and leaves. The touches of white orchids beautifully complete this arrangement.

For a signature rose option, the “Signature Blue Rose Box With Pearl Ribbon”, is a mix of royal blue roses with a pearl ribbon. It is as unique and whimsical as Aquarius and is sure to make their day!

12. Flowers for Pisces (February 19 – March 20 )
Pisces are a water sign and are represented by a pair of fish. They are known for being the most empathetic zodiac sign right alongside Cancer, and they will do whatever they need to, to see their loved ones happy and taken care of. They are compassionate, infinitely generous, and very in touch with their emotions. Pisces are very creative and artistic, and most likely express their creativity in everyday life. They are very easily trusting of the people around them, and can be easily swayed. The caring Pisces is represented by the colors seagreen, lavender and violet.

This beautiful, lush arrangement is a mix of violet and white shades. With violet dahlias and roses and touches of polka dot orchids, “Violet Elegance” is instantly impressive and is sure to win over any Pisces.

Delphinium are gentle, soft and so pleasing to the eye, just like Pisces. “Delphinium Amour” with hydrangeas, peonies, orchids and of course Delphinium is a lavender dream that will stand out and appeal to any Pisces.

Lastly for a Signature rose option, the “Signature Deep Purple Rose Box” provides a beautiful hue of purple, that turns darker at the edges, and encapsulated by the contrasting warm white box.

                                                                                                                                                              Author: Izabella Avetisyan

JLF Spring Traditions

The Spring season is known and loved for being a symbol of fresh beginnings, a clean slate and a new birth. It’s a time when the days start getting longer, the snow thaws and nature begins to bloom. This is the prime season for a lot of plants and flowers, and a time for many exciting holidays. Each of these holidays hold a special place in our hearts and carry their own unique tradition to each individual. We honor and respect each holiday and tradition that our clients celebrate and practice, and love being a part of their happiest days. Let’s highlight each of your beautiful spring traditions, and maybe help add some spice to your day with the JLF Spring Collection !

Women's History Month

“After women, flowers are the most divine creations.” -Christian Dior 

March is Women’s History Month and if the quote above doesn’t inspire you to shower the woman in your life with some flowers, we don’t know what will. In this month we highlight the women who have made a difference in history, which inspires young girls growing up in this intimidating world and opens them up to a world of possibilities. Especially after the past year, just like each one of us, women have been tried and tested in 2020 and deserve some extra appreciation and love! 

Although women’s History Month is celebrated only in the US , the date March 8th is Women’s Day internationally. All over the world on March 8th, women are highlighted and celebrated for the work they do every day. Here are some beautiful arrangements from our JLF Spring collection to make your mom, sister, wife or daughter feel loved!

On Pink Clouds
JLF Lilac Box
Double The Colors
Pastel Tulips

St. Patrick's Day - March 17, 2021

St. Patrick’s Day, is originally an Irish holiday, but has been adopted in American culture as a celebration of Irish culture. On March 17th, this holiday observes the death of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Saint Patrick lived in the fifth century, was born in Roman Britain and was kidnapped and brought to Ireland as a slave at the age of 16. He later escaped, but returned to Ireland and was credited with bringing Christianity to his people. If you are Irish or enjoy celebrating this beautiful Irish holiday, here are some ideas for St. Patrick’s Day flowers to get you in the spirit!

Lucky Charm
St. Patrick's Day Fleurs

Easter - April 4, 2021

Easter is a Christian holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. This is the third day after his burial following his crucifixion. Christians and non-christians have many different traditions of celebrating this day such as painting easter eggs with different colors, breaking them with family, making egg hunts for the children and getting visits from the Easter bunny. If you celebrate Easter, here are some festive JLF arrangements to make your day with family brighter than it already is!

The JLF Bunny
JLF Easter Chick
The Perfect Easter Basket
JLF Blush Easter

May Day - May 1, 2021

“If we had no winter the spring would not be so pleasant” -Anne Bradstreet

May Day is a celebration of welcoming the change of season and new beginnings. Throughout the years, there have been many different meanings and festivities with the purpose to express welcoming a new season. In the 19th century, May Day took on a new meaning, as International Workers’ Day grew out of the 19th-century labor movement for worker’s rights and an eight-hour workday in the US. Regardless of what the general meaning of May Day was, people worldwide gifted their loved ones fresh flowers, to share the new bloom of spring with their loved ones. To keep this wonderful tradition alive, here are some spring JLF arrangements!

Spring Full
Sunflower Delight
All The Lilac Love
Lilacs and Butterflies

Cinco De Mayo - May 5, 2021

Cinco De Mayo (May 5th) is a day celebrating Mexican Heritage. It commemorates the date of the Mexican army’s victory over France at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. In the US the Mexican population uses this holiday as an opportunity to celebrate their Mexican identity, promote ethnic consciousness and build community solidarity. Cinco De Mayo parties include Mariachi bands, Mexican folk music and traditional Mexican dancing. The drinks of choice are tequila, micheladas and margaritas, which are native to Mexico. Here are some fun JLF arrangements to spruce up your Cinco De Mayo celebration.

When Life Gives You Limes
When Life Gives You Lemons

Mother's Day - May 14, 2021

“When you are looking at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know.” -Charley Benetto

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May in the US. The title is self explanatory of course, each of us shows our appreciation, love and respect to our mothers for all that they do for us. Besides our own mothers we celebrate our sisters who are mothers, mothers to be, our friends etc. We hope to make them happy and proud throughout the entire year, but this day just highlights how special they are to us!

JLF Mother’s Day Collection is a special collection that offers variety of choices suiting your preferences for Mother’s Day flowers, and here are some of our favorites arrangements for Mother’s Day!

Author: Izabella Avetisyan

What Your Favorite Flower Says About You

If you’re browsing through the JLF website, first of all thank you! And second, you clearly have a love and appreciation for the beauty of flowers. They come in different types, colors, scents and will make the gloomiest person smile. They can express what you want to say without using any words at all. If you are a lover of flowers, you’re bound to have a favorite and the flower you choose to be your own, could say so much about who you are as a person. Here is a fun guide to learn a bit more about your favorite flower and see what it says about you!

 1. Rose 

There is nothing more classic and timeless than a rose. It will simply never go out of style. They come in an endless amount of colors, and each of the colors carry their own meaning. Some common colors include red, pink, white, orange and purple. Red roses are considered the universal symbol of love, romance and deep affection. Pink roses represent femininity, grace and joy. White roses are a symbol of innocence, purity and remembrance. Purple roses represent royalty as they were often given to Kings and Queens. Orange roses represent enthusiasm and passion.

What it says about you: If your favorite flower is a rose, you are a hopeless romantic that will never give up on love. You adore romance and grand displays of affection. You dream of being swept off your feet. Your idea of love is very traditional, you love handwritten letters, boxes of chocolate and flowers of course. You are also very sophisticated and strong willed. You know how to protect yourself from anything, much like the thorns on the roses. The ideal JLF arrangement for you would be the JLF Signature Rose Box!

Below are some color variations…

2. Peony 

Peonies are a native to China and are referred to as the King of Flowers. They are highly valuable in China and used to be the national flower until they were replaced by the plum tree. During the Sui and Tang dynasties, they were planted at the Imperial Palace, which made them a symbol of nobility, honor and wealth. Peonies are also connected to Greek Mythology. In one myth, Paeon, a student of the god of medicine, used a peony root to heal Pluto. The god of medicine became jealous and tried to kill him. To save Paeon, Pluto transformed him into a peony because he knew it was a flower that people would admire and praise. Therefore the peony began to signify compassion.

What it says about you: If your favorite flower is a peony, you are a lover of the finer things in life. Your style is refined ,you are bold in every way, and you do not stray from the spotlight. You work hard to achieve anything you want out of life because there is no alternative for you. You have a very positive mindset and attitude and are thoughtful and empathetic to those around you. You have a very bright and likeable personality that attracts everyone towards you. 

Below are the perfect JLF arrangements for you!

Extravagant Peony Box
Blushing For You
JLF Multicolor Peony Box
Luxury JLF Peony and Rose Box

3. Sunflower 

Although all flowers have the ability to bring joy, sunflowers are by far the happiest flower. Many of their meanings stem from the Sun itself because many of their attributes mirror the sun and the energy and light it provides. Sunflowers symbolize adoration, loyalty and longevity. This meaning came from the Greek myth of Apollo and Clytie. Clytie and Apollo were in love but Apollo soon fell in love with Leucothoe. Because of Clytie’s jealousy, Clytie told Leucothoe’s father of their relationship and he punished her by burying her alive. Apollo was angry and turned her into the sunflower, but even in flower form she still loved Apollo and would spend her days watching him as he moved the sun across the sky, in his chariot, just like sunflowers move to face the sun.

What it says about you: If your favorite flower is the sunny sunflower, you thrive around your friends and family and love to be in good company. You’re always a blast to be around and keep the people around you smiling. Your style is free spirited and outdoorsy, and you always make a statement. It seems like you’re always in a good mood and always looking for the next adventure (maybe to a sunflower field). Your favorite season is the summer and you love to soak up the sun, just like the happy sunflower. 

Below are the delightful JLF arrangements for you!

JLF Sunflower Box
Sunflower Delight
Earth Day Sunshine
In The Colorful World

4. Dahlia

The unique dahlias symbolize elegance, inner strength, creativity, change, and dignity. They also represent individuals who stand strong in their sacred values. During the Victorian era, dahlias represented commitment, or an eternal bond. Another very common meaning for dahlias is finding inner strength, which roots back to the flower’s ability to withstand harsh conditions. It is believed dahlias were given their name by Antonio Jose Cavanilles, the director of the Royal Gardens in Madrid. He named them after the Swedish botanist Ander Dahl. Dahlia flowers also carry medicinal importance. The Aztecs used them as a treatment against epilepsy. A substance called Atlantic starch, derived from the tubers of dahlias, was an eminent treatment for diabetes before the discovery of insulin.

What it says about you: If your favorite flower is a dahlia, you carry infinite strength within yourself. You are loyal to the people close to you, and are reliable and always there to provide a helping hand. Although you love to help those around you, you are very independent yourself and rarely rely on others. You are very grounded in your values and morals and not afraid to speak your mind. Your style is elegant and chic. 

Below are the ideal JLF arrangements for you!

Pick Me Up
My English Garden Fleurs
Sweet Life
Tropical Star

5. Ranunculus 

The word Ranunculus is a combination of the two latin words “rana”,meaning frog, and “unculus” which translates to little. Therefore the name ranunculus means “little frogs”. They are also known as Persian buttercup. There is a Persian legend about the delicate flower in which a beautiful nymph caught the attention of a Persian prince. He sang to her night and day to show her his love. However, the other nymphs were tired of listening to him sing, so they turned him into a ranunculus flower. The ranunculus flower symbolizes charm and attractiveness. Historically, Native Americans used the dried plants in poultices to treat sore joints and muscle pain. The ranunculus flower has recently be

What it says about you: If your favorite flower is a ranunculus you love keeping up with new fun and eye catching trends and styles that others shy away from but prefer more delicate jewelry. You charm others around you with your dazzling personality. You’re kind and compassionate to everyone you meet and have many friends from all walks of life. You always have the best stories to tell and although you enjoy luxurious items, you are simultaneously very down to earth.

Below are the ideal JLF arrangements for you!

Opulent Blossoms
Glamorous Blooms
The Sweet Sensation
Melody in Blooms

6. Tulip 

Tulips are one of the world’s most easily recognized and popular flowers. The word tulip came from the Persian word meaning turban, commenting on the ancient tradition of wearing tulips in one’s turban. Tulips generally represent perfect or deep love. The symbol of true love, is tied to a Persian legend about the love of Farhad and Shirin. According to one story Farhad, a prince, was in love with a beautiful girl named Shirin. Unfortunately Shirin is murdered and this broke Farhad’s heart. In desperation, Farhad rides his horse off a cliff, and a red tulip grows where his blood touches the ground, representing true love. Tulips are one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring, so they can also symbolize rebirth and a fresh start. Victorians often associated tulips with charity

What it says about you: If your favorite flower is a tulip, your style and personality is very sleek and sophisticated. You believe in true love and are constantly looking for “the one” if you haven’t already found them. You love to spoil and shower your loved ones with gifts and affection. You believe that giving is definitely much better than receiving. You’re calm and collected and remain very patient in any situation, even when things don’t go your way. 

Below are the ideal JLF arrangements for you!

Pastel Tulips
A Lot of Tulips
Tulip Mania
Pretty in Pink

7. Orchid 

The luxurious orchids are one of the most desired flowers in the world. They represent love, luxury, beauty and strength. There are over 20,000 species of orchids all over the world, one of the most popular being the moth orchid. The name orchid came from the Greek word “orkhis”. It was named by an ancient Greek botanist named Theophrastos, who thought the fleshy underground tubers resembled male anatomy. In ancient Greece orchids were associated with virility. Greek women believed that if the father of their unborn child ate large, new orchid tubers, the baby would be a boy. If the mother ate small orchid tubers, the baby would be a girl. The different colors of orchids also symbolize different things. Some of these are white, pink and purple. White orchids symbolize innocence, purity, elegance and reverence. Pink orchids symbolize femininity, grace and joy. Purple orchids symbolize royalty and admiration, and are traditionally given as a sign of respect.

What it says about you: If your favorite flower is an orchid, you undoubtedly enjoy a life of luxury. You are classy and mysterious and your wardrobe is likely full of cocktail dresses and suits. You are daring and outspoken, and you always say what’s on your mind. You have a small circle of trusted friends, and are very protective of the ones you love. You naturally attract attention without trying, and people often seek out your advice. 

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A Heart of Whites
Grand Orchids
White Cymbidium Cloud
Orchid Elegance

8. Lilac 

The aromatic and delicate lilacs, have a history originating in ancient Greek mythology. The legend goes that Pan, the god of forests and fields was hopelessly in love with a nymph named Syringa. One day he was pursuing her through a forest and afraid of his advances, she turned herself into a lilac shrub to disguise herself. Pan couldn’t find Syringa, but he did find the shrub. Because a lilac shrub consists of hollow reeds, he cut the needs and created the first pan pipe. The scientific name for lilac is Syringa vulgaris, and the name is derived from the greek word “syrinks” which means pipe. During the Victorian Age, the giving of a lilac was meant to be a reminder of an old love and in Russia, holding a sprig of lilac over the newborn was believed to bring wisdom. Because lilacs have one of the earliest bloom times, they symbolize spring and renewal.


What it says about you: If your favorite flower is a lilac, you are most likely an old soul that loves all things nostalgic. You enjoy watching old shows, your style is very vintage and you always feel you were born in the wrong era. You’re soft spoken and somewhat reserved around people you don’t know well, but you come to life around the people you love and trust. Your favorite season is the spring, and you love spending time in nature. 

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9. Anemone 

The name anemone is derived from Greek which means “wildflower”. According to Greek mythology, anemones sprang out of tears of Aphrodite while she was mourning the death of her lover, Adonis. Adonis was killed by the gods due to their jealousy over his love affair with the beautiful goddess of love. Anemones come in many different colors, and each color has its own meaning. White anemones symbolize sincerity due to their delicate appearance. Red and pink anemones symbolize death or forsaken love. Purple anemones symbolize protection from evil. Anemones are also believed to bring luck and protect the receiver against evil. They also symbolize anticipation and forgotten love. Legend has it that when the anemone closes its petals, it’s a signal that rain is approaching. The delicate flower has also become widely popular in wedding bouquets and wedding centerpieces. 

What it says about you: If your favorite flower is the delicate and unique anemone, you are hip, modern and have a very avant-garde style. Your ideal dream home is very modern but with slight rustic touches. You’re quirky, and have unique hobbies that differ from most people. You’re private about most things in your life, and carry yourself with a touch of mystery. You’re very unpredictable and people never know your next move, which is how you prefer to be viewed. 

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Spring's Pretty
Goodness Gracious
Britney Spears Box
For The Love of Blooms

10. Hydrangea 

The beautiful, luscious hydrangeas come in many different colors, and have many symbols. There are over 75 species of hydrangea, most of them native to Asia. Legend has it that a Japanese emperor gifted blue hydrangeas to the family of a girl he loved to make up for neglecting her. In Japan, the flower is associated with heartfelt emotion, understanding and apology. It can also symbolize unity and forgiveness. In Europe however, hydrangeas have a negative sentiment, where they are used to declare arrogance and boastfulness. English men in the 1800’s used to send hydrangeas to women who rejected them, accusing them of frigidity. It is believed that young women who grow hydrangeas in their front yard will never get married. 

What it says about you: If your favorite flower is a hydrangea, you are somewhat of a tomboy and have a casual style. You’re very practical and efficient and you think looks and material items are a waste of time. You value wisdom, and are known in your group of friends to be a bookworm. You know a little bit about everything, and you crush trivia games. You’re laid back and down to earth, and don’t take life or yourself too seriously.

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Simply Pretty
Bleu Clouds
Pink and Blue Clouds
Blue and Green Hydrangea Cloud

Author: Izabella Avetisyan 

How To Pick The Best Valentine’s Day Flowers For Your Significant Other

Do’s & Don’ts while choosing Flowers for Valentine’s Day

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Looking for ways to flatter your significant other with the best flowers for Valentine’s Day? 


Studies show that flowers have long term positive effects on your mood. Flowers are the perfect “spark of joy” people are looking for during this year’s quarantine. Whether you think Valentine’s Day is cliche or not, a display of your love is expected, so why not show that affection with a gorgeous bouquet? 


Here are some things to consider when ordering your Valentine’s Day Flowers!


This holiday is one of the busiest times for florists.

Florists receive many orders for Valentine’s Day, which can mean most flowers will be sold out so you’ll want to order in advance.

It’s best to schedule your order at least one week in advance to guarantee the best possible arrangement for your significant other.

JLF Red Roses 1
JLF Red Roses 2


Many florists include the option for a card/note to be delivered with your flowers and you definitely want to send a sweet message.

Writing a card is a great way to show your significant other just how much they mean to you. Receiving flowers is already exciting, but a meaningful note message makes it more personal.


Perfect cherry on top!

Take time to write a sweet message card and make it special. Extra points if you add memories and express your feelings. 




Is your significant other sensitive or allergic to some floral scents?

Certain flowers are definitely more fragrant than others, so you want to make sure your beautiful gift isn’t overwhelming for the receiver. Keep their allergies in mind! If your significant other has floral allergies but can still tolerate and enjoy certain flowers, you should choose flowers that don’t have a strong scent. Here is a cheat sheet with a list of flowers that have little to no scent:



Does your significant other have a favorite flower? 

If so, let the florist know! Do keep in mind though, some flowers are seasonal and may not be as readily available. Your significant other most likely has a favorite color you can incorporate. When picking colors, you may want to consider if your loved one typically likes pops of bold colors, neutral tones, or a mix! 

JLF Valentine’s Day Collection not only has Romantic Reds and Pinks – the popular colors for Valentines, but also many other beautiful colors that your significant other might fall in love with!

JLF Everlasting 12



Not sure what color or style of arrangement to get? If you are unsure, you can always ask your florist for a recommendation. JLF is a renowned floral boutique with experienced florists who enjoy the collaboration with clients and bringing your vision to life. We always listen to you. Our team is well equipped with the knowledge, creativity and tools to deliver your messages through JLF flowers.

There is a sense of joy and pride in delivering your message through flowers.

JLF Jumbo 3


Make your Valentine feel special on this day! 

Most people love receiving flowers! Having a floral arrangement hand delivered can be a great way to start the romantic weekend.. Sending a beautiful bouquet of flowers is a great way to show your significant other that they are in your heart! Gifting flowers is a way of showing appreciation, love and support. 

Follow these tips, shop JLF Valentine’s Day Collection and you’ll be sure to put a big smile on your Valentine’s face. 

 Happy gifting! 

Author: Angelina Abramyan

The Story of Saint Valentine

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Every February 14, across the world, people exchange candy, flowers, and gifts all in the name of St. Valentine. But who was Saint Valentine, and how did he become associated with this ancient rite?

The history of Valentine’s Day–and the story of its patron saint–is shrouded in mystery. We do know that February has long been celebrated as a month of romance and that St. Valentine’s Day, as we know it today, contains vestiges of both Christian and ancient Roman tradition.

According to one legend, the holiday celebration of the Priest Valentine, who served in third century Rome. When Emperor Claudius II outlawed marriage for young men because he decided that single men made better soldiers. Than those with wives and families, Valentine, realizing the injustice of the decree, defied the Emperor and continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret. When Claudius discovered the treachery, Priest Valentine was put to death.

According to another legend, an imprisoned Valentine actually sent the first “valentine” greeting himself after he fell in love with a young girl. Before his death, it is alleged that he wrote her a letter signed “From your Valentine,” an expression that is still in use today.

Although the truth behind the Valentine legends is murky, the stories all emphasize his appeal as a sympathetic, heroic and–most importantly–romantic figure.


Valentines Day didn’t come to resemble the modern day of love until the Middle Ages when the holiday began to definitively celebrate romance. VDay greetings became popular during this period, but written messages didn’t surface until after 1400.

The first Valentine’s Day card ever is believed to have been written in 1415 by Charles, Duke of Orleans, who was imprisoned in the Tower of London. He wrote a message of love to his wife after his capture at the Battle of Agincourt.

By the middle of the 18th, it was common for friends and lovers of all social classes to exchange small tokens of affection or handwritten notes, and by 1900 printed cards began to replace written letters due to improvements in printing technology. Ready-made cards were an easy way for people to express their emotions in a time when direct expression of one’s feelings was discouraged. Cheaper postage rates also contributed to an increase in the popularity of sending Valentine’s Day greetings.

Today, approximately 150 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged annually, making Valentine’s Day the second most popular card-sending holiday after Christmas.

The Tradition Today

The traditions of Valentine’s Day are observed all over the world. 

Valentine’s Day cards and gifts such as flowers, chocolates or jewelry convey love messages, and many choose to share a romantic Valentine’s activity to celebrate their love.
Long associated with lovers, Valentine’s Day is also a popular day for marriage proposals and weddings. Many choose to follow a traditional Valentine’s theme by celebrating at a romantic location and incorporating poetry, flowers and music reflective of their personal story.

Whatever the Valentine’s Day celebration planned, featuring well-known symbols helps to create a romantic atmosphere. 

The red rose is a traditional symbol of love and passion and has appeared in paintings, poetry, and songs for hundreds of years. Sending a single red rose on Valentine’s Day is usually understood to mean ‘I love you’. 

Heart shapes are featured on wrapping paper and gift boxes and are often used for special cookies or cakes. Red and pink flowers with love messages are a popular Valentine’s Day gift and red roses are usually considered the most romantic.

JLF Jumbo 2

Regardless of how far in advance you’ve planned out your Valentine’s Day gift, luxurious flowers are always a must on this most romantic day of the year. At J’Adore Les Fleurs we have every arrangement you need to express your love. Our flower delivery service will hand-deliver your flowers right to your Valentine’s door on February 14. Browse through JLF Valentine’s Day Collection to shop for the perfect Valentine’s Day fresh flowers to shower your Love with the flowers they deserve and to leave a long- lasting smile on your sweetheart’s beautiful face.

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Flowers as Relationship Binders

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“What surrounds us, controls us,” they say. What if we or the ones we love controlled what that ‘something special’ is— what gets to control us. Perhaps one would choose to be hemmed in by the lively presence of gaudy flowers, or in the peaceful arms of nature, while birds chirped away.

Whatever that ‘something special’ is, we can easily recognize that somewhere in that peaceful image or aura, are flowers— setting the scenery with a radiant tone of romance, passion, and emotion.

The way one sees it, flowers serve the energetic means of self-expression, of feelings— they are relationship binders or means of strengthening the connection between two people.

Setting a precedent

Whether it’s a first date, a proposal, a celebration or ‘just because,’ partners often use flowers to show that they care about their person, which in turn sets a pleasant precedent implying that making them feel special is a priority- something that they will both enjoy. This won’t only make the partner feel special, but it will also give a deeper ‘validation’ about the relationship. Furthermore, it will remind the receiver of happy days, even during times of hardship and struggle.

Flowers don’t only serve as materialistic gifts, but it’s the simple thought of somebody thinking of you when they’re not around you. These beautiful creations send across a certain synergetic dynamic of what it’s truly like to be cared for, thought about, and loved.

When they’re missing

 It’s a common occurrence to see that as a couple gets more grounded in a relationship, the flower-gifting lessens. Male counterparts go from sending flowers for monthly anniversaries and any-event-possible, to perhaps a birthday bouquet, to replacing flowers with other material things— less meaningful for us.

 The interesting thing is, partners, don’t actually find the same significance in flowers that women do. Some may say that they don’t see a reason in giving flowers, because they’re temporary and don’t live long enough to serve as a reminder of love or affection, but rather send a message of momentary joy.

 What they don’t understand, however, is that flowers are a metaphor for the bittersweet experience of being alive ourselves. Flowers don’t signify impermanent amusement but are a reminder for us to learn to enjoy and cherish the little-individual moments in our lives, and the lives of the people we care about. It is easily arguable that no other gift can so deftly convey sentiment and emotion, beyond the power of words, and no other gift can linger in our minds longer than the thought of beautiful flowers in our arms.

JLF Everlasting 11

But the thing is...

Like everyone, as a relationship grows, the couple does, too. They delve into the craziness of daily lives, their encounters. The priorities shift from ‘impressing’ to ‘growing,’ to ‘expanding,’ so seemingly important things become of less significance.  

Women show their appreciation for their partners in the sense of emotional and physical care, constant attention, and through other care-vehicles, so when they receive flowers, they are reminded of the sweet feeling of being appreciated. Likewise, receiving flowers, remind them that among all things, their relationship is of high importance. A simple arrangement  an hint at all the internal and external feeling one holds towards their lady love.. they suggest of impactful memories.. they bind relationships.  

It is easy to get lost in time and lose touch with what was once an important aspect of a relationship, but it is just as easy to keep these traditions alive by investing creative thought into making someone feel special with the presence of a JLF Signature Box of Flowers– an epitome of romance, passion, and emotion. 

JLF Red Roses 2

Author: Marian Sahakyan
Photographer: @annasphotoart

Flowers and Allergies

JLF Signature Rose 1

It’s a woman’s (and occasionally a man’s) favorite thing- being gifted flowers- smelling and seeing them, being surrounded by them. More often than commonly noticed, these flowers become problematic. They take one’s breath away. Not in the romantic or amorous manner, but quite literally- in the form of allergies.  

Imagine being on the other side of things-  as the one gifting the flowers. Ultimately, what was initially a good deed, a sweet surprise, can turn into a perfectly failed scenario. But what if you knew exactly what to avoid and what to pick up for that special someone, who just happens to have allergies!

To clarify some of those concerns, without compromising on the look or charm of the bouquet, here is a compilation of flowers to avoid and others that can replace them.

 Worst: Daisies and Sunflowers 

Despite their simple yet attractive presence, daisies and sunflowers are known to be among the worst when it comes to pollen activity, meaning that they produce and release too much of it. According to Allergyware.com, the pollen flies from “male” flowers to fertilize the “female,” which makes sure that more ‘flower bloom’ can occur. As a result, this irritant activates allergies for those who are sensitive.

Best: Carnations and Daffodils

To replace these beautifully plain options, one cannot go wrong with carnations or daffodils. With their vibrant colors and lively tones, these two are sure to make any bouquet pop, emphasizing their fun and exciting energy.

Worst: Chamomiles and Dahlias:

Effortlessly alluring and sure to decorate any bouquet with love, asters, chamomiles and dahlias are also known to make allergy-sufferers, suffer. While these are all pollen-rich flowers and are the main group known to cause allergies, fragranced flowers like jasmine and lilacs are also to be looked out for.

Best: Roses, Peonies, Orchids, Tulips

Exchangeably, roses, peonies, orchids or even tulips are an allergy-free and eloquent addition to any bouquet, as they are deemed suitable for any occasion. 

Worst and Best: Lillies

 The beautiful lily is another suitable choice for allergy sufferers if the pollens are removed.  Since allergens are typically found in a plant’s pollen, not having the substance is a major plus. While you can’t remove pollen from some lilies, many lilies contain pollen that can easily be removed. Asiatic lilies come in gorgeous pink, red, orange, and mixed colors, making it both hypo-allergenic and a sight for sore eyes. However, Oriental lilies such as Stargazer lilies are very fragrant, people either tend to adore their intense fragrance or really can’t abide it. Sensitivity to the smell may cause a headache.

 Today’s flower market is booming and blooming with options, but being considerate of allergies and other health concerns is just as thoughtful as is the initial idea of gifting flowers. So the next time you’re out searching for that special bouquet for someone, think about allergies and possibly avoiding an unpleasant situation, simply by picking the right bouquet. 

JLF Signature Mix 4
JLF Signature Mix 6
JLF Signature Mix 8
JLF Signature Mix 1
JLF Signature Mix 2

Author: Marian Sahakyan

The Gift of Giving

We live in a flower-giving-culture. Thoughtfully and sometimes thoughtlessly, we give flowers —when a baby is born, when someone graduates or succeeds in something. We give flowers to someone to make them feel special, we also give them during times of uncertainty, commemoration and death. The thought that flowers have established a strong presence in the cycle of life is justified through personal and historical testimonies. 


It is unknown when humans first started giving flowers to one another, but we know that it occurred with the hunter-gatherers, when the ‘hunter’ surprised the ‘gatherer’ with a handpicked bouquet to celebrate the day’s meal. This suggests that even then, gifting flowers was a means of communicating a special sentiment, which grew to be a tradition among cultures. 


Despite the noticeable evolution of customs since the times of hunter-gatherers, we learn that the message behind giving flowers has remained the same. Celebration, they say. 


Celebration of life: The ancient Greeks anointed the beginning of a child’s life by giving flowers after their birth. They believed that flowers were associated with Gods and by gifting flowers, they were declaring a strong and prosperous life upon the newborn. 


Celebration of growth: We give flowers when someone succeeds professionally or educationally or when they embark on an adventure. Perhaps this, too, signifies the celebration of improvement and advancement. 

JLF Signature Mix 13

Celebration of growth: We give flowers when someone succeeds professionally or educationally or when they embark on an adventure. Perhaps this, too, signifies the celebration of improvement and advancement. 


Celebration of love: Significant others have offered flowers as an expression of appreciation and thought for ages. For example, they were an effective means of message delivery during the Victorian times, when etiquette dictated discretion and that was everything.


An admirer could present a young woman with a bouquet that included a red tulip, and this would be his declaration of love and interest in her. Since then, we have replaced the red tulip with a red rose, which epitomizes all that love and passion capsulize. 


A celebration of life: What about using flowers in the event of one’s death. Regardless, funerals are not a happy time to be celebrated, what’s the role of flowers in this? 

The tradition of incorporating flowers at a farewell service has been around for centuries, but now plays a role different than its original. Previously, they were used as a means of covering the unpleasant odors of a decaying body. 

Nonetheless,  societies advanced and so did their techniques of deodorizing dead bodies. This is when the practice of embalming came about and replaced the use of flowers for smell. Now, flowers simply shed light and beauty among the heaviness of a funeral. They encapsulate comfort, love, sympathy and respect.

Regardless of the occasion—-happy or sad— flowers are everywhere. Their presence is often overlooked, but their absence is heavily noted. Above all, their cheerful and delicate essence reminds us of our own beautiful significance in the world.

Author: Marian Sahakyan