Flowers as Relationship Binders

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“What surrounds us, controls us,” they say. What if we or the ones we love controlled what that ‘something special’ is— what gets to control us. Perhaps one would choose to be hemmed in by the lively presence of gaudy flowers, or in the peaceful arms of nature, while birds chirped away.

Whatever that ‘something special’ is, we can easily recognize that somewhere in that peaceful image or aura, are flowers— setting the scenery with a radiant tone of romance, passion, and emotion.

The way one sees it, flowers serve the energetic means of self-expression, of feelings— they are relationship binders or means of strengthening the connection between two people.

Setting a precedent

Whether it’s a first date, a proposal, a celebration or ‘just because,’ partners often use flowers to show that they care about their person, which in turn sets a pleasant precedent implying that making them feel special is a priority- something that they will both enjoy. This won’t only make the partner feel special, but it will also give a deeper ‘validation’ about the relationship. Furthermore, it will remind the receiver of happy days, even during times of hardship and struggle.

Flowers don’t only serve as materialistic gifts, but it’s the simple thought of somebody thinking of you when they’re not around you. These beautiful creations send across a certain synergetic dynamic of what it’s truly like to be cared for, thought about, and loved.

When they’re missing

 It’s a common occurrence to see that as a couple gets more grounded in a relationship, the flower-gifting lessens. Male counterparts go from sending flowers for monthly anniversaries and any-event-possible, to perhaps a birthday bouquet, to replacing flowers with other material things— less meaningful for us.

 The interesting thing is, partners, don’t actually find the same significance in flowers that women do. Some may say that they don’t see a reason in giving flowers, because they’re temporary and don’t live long enough to serve as a reminder of love or affection, but rather send a message of momentary joy.

 What they don’t understand, however, is that flowers are a metaphor for the bittersweet experience of being alive ourselves. Flowers don’t signify impermanent amusement but are a reminder for us to learn to enjoy and cherish the little-individual moments in our lives, and the lives of the people we care about. It is easily arguable that no other gift can so deftly convey sentiment and emotion, beyond the power of words, and no other gift can linger in our minds longer than the thought of beautiful flowers in our arms.

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But the thing is...

Like everyone, as a relationship grows, the couple does, too. They delve into the craziness of daily lives, their encounters. The priorities shift from ‘impressing’ to ‘growing,’ to ‘expanding,’ so seemingly important things become of less significance.  

Women show their appreciation for their partners in the sense of emotional and physical care, constant attention, and through other care-vehicles, so when they receive flowers, they are reminded of the sweet feeling of being appreciated. Likewise, receiving flowers, remind them that among all things, their relationship is of high importance. A simple arrangement  an hint at all the internal and external feeling one holds towards their lady love.. they suggest of impactful memories.. they bind relationships.  

It is easy to get lost in time and lose touch with what was once an important aspect of a relationship, but it is just as easy to keep these traditions alive by investing creative thought into making someone feel special with the presence of a JLF Signature Box of Flowers– an epitome of romance, passion, and emotion. 

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Author: Marian Sahakyan
Photographer: @annasphotoart

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