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Holiday Dinner Table Decorating Tips

With only 6 days before Christmas, families are coming together. Before you sit down to your Christmas feast, you need to consider your table decor. Place cards, festive napkins, and special dinnerware help, but the centerpiece is the real show-stopper of your table. The host of Christmas day wants to create that perfect dining room table place setting for their family and guests. Here are some ideas on how to set the perfect holiday table.

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Tall Centerpieces

Many hosts do basic garland centerpieces with a few cones and candles in the middle. However, you can surprise your guests with creating tall centerpieces which will create a more elegant look for your dining table.You could, of course, go for a low-lying arrangement, but why skip out on the drama? Instead, pack a tall, slender vase with beautiful branches and seasonal blooms.

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JLF Long Rectangle Boxes

If you prefer low arrangements, JLF long rectangle boxes are a great alternative for traditional garland centerpieces. You can even make them more personal by choosing the color of your arrangement and what flowers/ornaments you want. If you have a lot of guests, you can also put two or three along your rectangle table. You can browse our extensive selection of holiday arrangements to decorate your home.

Red and Gold Accents

Red and green isn’t the only Christmas color pairing—don’t underestimate the elegant couple that is red and gold. You can place red flowers in a gold vase and accent your table with gold candlesticks or napkin rings. You can even use some green touches because gold pairs exceptionally well with reds and greens.

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Mini Christmas Trees

Another amazing trend in 2018 has been Mini Christmas Trees. You can create tall centerpieces with them by putting them on stands or leave them short. You can decorate them with ornaments or flowers. Not only will they make your room smell amazing, but also, they will bring the joyful Christmas spirit right to your table where you are enjoying a delicious dinner with your family.


Browse our extensive selection of already decorated Mini Christmas Trees


Christmas Ornaments and Tiered Trays

Ornaments are always a good idea to use as Centerpieces because it’s easy, beautiful and you will most likely have some extra ornaments left over from the Christmas Tree decoration, so they will be the perfect match because they will create cohesiveness and look amazing!

Don’t forget, you can always use a touch of traditional Christmas decorative elements such as scented candles, garlands, cranberries, cones etc. in addition to the above ideas to make your holiday décor even more personal and creative!

Once you’ve got your Holiday Centerpiece.   figured out, it’s down to the plates, linens, and décor!

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