Best JLF Flowers According to your Zodiac Sign

Since the beginning of time humans have looked into the stars for guidance and inspiration. They have tried to use constellations to make sense of the events occurring in the world, and to tell the future. Today we often use our own zodiac signs to find out more about ourselves, our personalities and our relationships. But have you ever considered looking to your zodiac sign to pick the perfect flower arrangement? If you’re having trouble choosing an arrangement for your girlfriend, mom, sister or even just a treat for yourself, here is a guide created for you to look to the stars once again and pick the perfect arrangement tailored to your sign! 

1. Flowers for Aries ( March 20 - April 19 )

Aries is the first and youngest sign of the zodiac, making it the most passionate, confident and competitive in nature. Aries is a fire sign which makes them extremely passionate, motivated, and a confident leader. Frequently referred to as the superheroes of the zodiac, they are extremely independent and dive into their problems head first without  much thought. Their childlike nature is commonly represented by the fiery colors of red and orange. 

  The JLF arrangement “Orange you Happy” in the crystal vase perfectly represents the bright personalities of Aries with the orange dahlias, arranged with the beautiful geraldine roses and callas.




 If you’re looking for an option with our signature boxes instead of a vase, “Autumn Vibes” with piercing red and orange shades, encapsulates the vibrant Aries spirit.


Lastly, if you’re looking for a signature rose box, the “Signature Red & Yellow USC Rose Box ” commonly a gift to USC students is very appropriate for the courageous Aries. The term Trojan, means “no matter what the situation, what the odds or what the conditions, the competitions must be carried on to the end and those who strive must give all they have and never be weary in doing so.” If you’ve ever met an Aries you know this definition describes them perfectly, due to their nature of being extremely resilient during tough times. 

12. Flowers for Pisces (February 19 - March 20 )

Pisces are a water sign and are represented by a pair of fish. They are known for being the most empathetic zodiac sign right alongside Cancer, and they will do whatever they need to, to see their loved ones happy and taken care of. They are compassionate, infinitely generous, and very in touch with their emotions. Pisces are very creative and artistic, and most likely express their creativity in everyday life. They are very easily trusting of the people around them, and can be easily swayed. The caring Pisces is represented by the colors seagreen, lavender and violet.

  At first glance it looks as if the “Dark Princess” arrangement was custom made for the glamorous Taurus. It’s pastel shades of pink garden roses show the feminine side of Taurus, while the dark kisses of  black roses represent the stable and grounded nature of the stubborn bull. Finally, the blush pink box accompanied with the black pearl handle provides a beautiful representation of their contrasting personality.



For all rose lovers the “Signature Pink Rose with a Black Heart” fully embodies the glitz and glamour of Taurus. 

The bright pink roses bring out a beautiful pop of color, and the black heart matches with the black box, giving it a seamless harmony of colors. It is eye catching just like the luxurious and fancy Taurus.

  Lastly, we present “The Chic Arrangement in the Perfect vase”, which really speaks for itself. The pale pink eskimo roses, combined with hellebores, will bring a fresh touch to any home.

3. Flowers for Gemini ( May 21 - June 20)

The symbol of Gemini is a pair of twins, which is a representation of their dual and versatile nature. They are an air sign and ruled by the planet of Mercury which is the planet of communication. This makes them extremely talkative, curious and always a blast to be around. They have a multitude of passions and often struggle to focus on one venture at a time. They are known to have multiple personalities which makes them incredibly adaptable and they are quick to adjust to any environment. The lively Gemini is associated with the colors green, white and yellow.

  The “For Green Lovers” arrangement, that reminds us  of a tropical rainforest, shows the adventurous and fun-loving side of Gemini. This lush, dynamic arrangement includes different shades and textures of green which represent Gemini’s multiple personalities.



For a Signature Rose option, the white roses in “JLF Signature White in Boite de Palme” have a timeless and classy look, but they are balanced with the funky and unique look of the palm trees on the box.




“Monaco Sunrise” is a beautiful name for not just this arrangement but for the Gemini in your life as well. Geminis are often compared to the lavish and lively lifestyle of the inhabitants of Monaco, so this beautiful arrangement with touches of gorgeous green ranunculus and white orchids is guaranteed to put a smile on any Gemini’s face.

4. Flowers for Cancer ( June 21- July 22)

Cancers are known as the most sensitive and emotional sign of the zodiac, although they are so much more than that. They are a water sign which makes them extremely nurturing and in tune with energies and other people’s emotions. They are incredibly protective of the ones they love. They are ruled by the Moon which makes them the homebody of the zodiac. If you’re lucky to have a Cancer in your life, they will offer comfort and a shoulder to cry on in hard times. The warm Cancer is associated with the colors blue, lavender and seafoam green.




The breathtaking royal blue color in the “Yelena Blue Roses with Orchids in Rectangle Box” represents the sensitive, water nature of Cancers. The kisses of blue orchids add a unique touch to the roses and the long rectangle box will bring a beautiful touch to any dining table. 




In this mixed “Pastel Lady” arrangement the soft composition of light pink and lavender shades represents the nurturing and mellow cancer spirit.

The round white box marries perfectly with the touches of white lisianthus scattered all across the flowers.

  If the cancer in your life likes a more traditional approach to flowers, this antique looking vase would be their dream. Although the shape of the vase is quite common, the holographic mix of  blue and green colors adds a unique and modern touch to the vase. The blue and green hydrangeas harmonize beautifully with the vase.

5. Flowers for Leo ( July 23 -August 22 )

As the name states, Leo is represented by the brave and powerful lion, which is very fitting to their personalities. Leos are a fire sign, which makes them natural born leaders, and very popular in their circle of friends. Leos have very dominant and hard to resist personalities, and are not afraid to take initiative in even the most difficult situations that life throws at them. They are ruled by the Sun, and as the Sun gives energy to everything in our solar system, Leos light up any room they are in with their warm and inviting energy. Their sunny personalities are represented by the colors, gold, orange and yellow.

  “The Signature Gold Rose Box” beautifully encapsulates the bright and electric Leo personalities. It includes 50 fresh roses sprayed with a beautiful golden color, and it will make any Leo’s day.



If the Leo in your life is bold, luxurious and a lover of the finer things in life ( as they usually are) then this beautiful vase is sure to stun them. “The Luxurious Reds In a Gold Vase” is a mix of premium peonies, red roses and callas with a touch of orchids on the side and it’s as dramatic and eye-catching as any Leo.



If you’re looking for a JLF Signature mix option, this yellow number is as cheerful and happy as Leo. “Shine Like a Star” is an arrangement mixed with all mostly yellow spray roses and a touch of tulips. The yellow hue of this arrangement perfectly encompasses the beautiful Leo.

6. Flowers Virgo ( August 23 - September 22 )

Virgo is an Earth sign represented by the Goddess of wheat and agriculture. This makes them incredibly grounded and thoughtful. Virgos are extremely hard-working and it’s likely the Virgos in your life are workaholics and never take a day off due to their nature of being self-critical. They are very artistic and creative, and will likely throw themselves into their passions, disappearing for hours and even days, making sure the outcome of their work is spotless and perfect. They are also incredibly patient and kind and one of the most reliable friends you can have. Virgos are represented by the earthy colors of brown, grey and green.


Inspired by a milky coffee order, the “Macchiato Fleurs” is the perfect arrangement for the hard working Virgo. A mix of beautiful quicksand roses, ranunculus and orchids it’s sure to make any Virgo’s room the perfect momentary distraction from their busy schedule.




For a signature rose option the “Isabella Box” is a beautiful mix of dusty faith and white vendela roses. The dusty miller leaves and black box make it a chic arrangement suit for any of your amazing Virgo friends.



Lastly for vase lovers, this classy and sophisticated beauty is sure to impress anyone, especially the critical Virgo.

The “Beige Rose Cloud” is a mix of quicksand and white vendela roses arranged in a dome shape in a black clay vase, and is the perfect gift to the Virgo in your life.


7. Flowers for Libra ( September 23 - October 22 )

Although every sign is beautiful in their own ways, Libras are specifically known for being beautiful and charming. Libras love to have everything in their life in perfect order and aesthetically pleasing. Of course no one can be completely balanced and fair, Libras come closest to being the most just and are always the peacemakers in their group. This makes sense since they are represented by the scales. Social in every environment and witty in their speech, they are sure to win everyone over with their charm. The beautiful Libras are represented by the colors pink, purple and blue.




For the most beauty loving sign in the zodiac, the “Britney Spears Box” is sure to wow any Libra. A mix full of premium flowers such as peonies, anemones, roses and more, this charming box was made originally for the legendary Britney Spears herself. The pearl handle on the box wraps the arrangement up with a classic touch.




For a vase option the “75 Lavender Roses in a Glass Vase” are a beautiful and a fresh breath of air to any Libra’s home, and will add an aesthetically pleasing touch that they work so hard to upkeep.

8. Flowers for Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

The dark and mysterious Scorpio, as their name states, is represented by the Scorpion.

This representation illustrates their intensity and self protectiveness much like the deadly Scorpion. Scorpio’s are exceptionally ambitious and determined, and will likely achieve anything they put their mind to. They are very secretive and trust very few in their life, but are extremely caring and protective towards anyone they love or deem close to them, which often is not a lot of people. The fierce Scorpio is represented by the colors black, dark purple and burgundy.



For the mystical Scorpio, a deep and goth  arrangement is sure to win their heart. “Malificent” is mixed with black roses, deep purple callas, velvet touches of anemones and perfectly fitting to the unique and dark aesthetic of Scorpio.


This bold, red arrangement is stunning much like the eye catching Scorpio. The “J’adore Red Fleurs” in a Vase” arrangement is a mix of burgundy peonies, fuschia roses and dark hydrangeas. 








Completing our list with another black arrangement, this signature all black rose option is the epitome of elegance.

The “Signature Black Velvet Roses With Orchids” is a vision of black roses with kisses of purple orchids, and is sure to excite any Scorpio.


9. Flowers for Sagittarius ( November 22 - December 21)

The freedom loving Sagittarius is a fire sign. They are spontaneous and always searching for a new adventure, and are the last to leave any party (which makes sense since they are the life of the party). They are hilarious and optimistic and are able to make anyone smile. They will inspire anyone around them to let loose and have a good time, just by being themselves. They are also highly intelligent and one of the best conversationalists of the zodiac. The cheerful Sagittarius is represented by the colors purple, lavender and peach.



The “Purple Crush” arrangement is outstanding and breathtaking, and will command attention in any room without trying. It includes bold pink peonies in  the center with purple and lavender flowers surrounding them. It will make anyone take a second look just like the animated Saggitarius.






Rainbow roses signify happiness and joy, so what better recipient for them than the joyful Sagittarius. 

The “Signature 100 Rainbow Rose Box” arrangement doesn’t need much explanation as it speaks for itself, just like the outspoken Sagittarius.






This arrangement is as scattered and lively as the Saggitarius. “My English Garden Fleurs”. It includes beautiful big dahlias, peonies, anemones and garden roses and has a very airy feel to it. This arrangement perfectly encapsulates the carefree Sagittarius spirit. 


10. Flowers for Capricorn ( December 22 - January 19)

Capricorns are likely the most ambitious and business minded sign of the zodiac. They are extreme workaholics and will not let anything distract them from their goals. They love being in control of everything in their life, and they are not afraid to work hard to reach the epitome of comfort and power. They are an Earth sign which makes them practical and organized in most aspects of their life. Their sense of humor is slightly sarcastic and they are brutally honest with their friends. Although their circle of friends might be small due to their busy schedule, they are extremely loyal and will stand by their loved ones till the end. The hard-working Capricorn is represented by the colors brown, purple and grey.



For vase lovers, the “Blushing for you’ arrangement in the grey ceramic vase is a soft but beautiful touch to any dining table. A mix of fresh peonies, hydrangeas and dusty miller leaves, it’s sure to make any Capricorn take a break from work to admire their beauty.


For a signature rose option, this one is classy, chic and impressive. The “JLF Roses meet Peonies” is a beautiful balance of white roses, arranged in the emerald green box and topped off with a pop of pink peonies. This arrangement is sure to bring a smile to the Capricorn in your life.



Just one look at this arrangement reminds us of the grounded Capricorn. “Emerald Elegance” is a neutral and earthy box filled with green mondial and quicksand roses with touches of white flowers. Finally the classic grey box is the perfect vessel for this beauty.


11. Flowers for Aquarius ( January 20 - February 18)

Aquarius is known as the rebel of the zodiac. They are unique and original in everything that they do and always stand out in the crowd. Aquarius is kind, friendly, generous beyond measure, and filled with many quirks that make them memorable to anyone they meet. They care about the welfare of others and about the society and earth as a whole.
They are an Air sign and are represented by The Water Bearer. This symbolizes them being good listeners and always having room in their vessel for their friends to vent out their frustrations. The unique Aquarius is represented by the colors of turquoise, blue and white.

Aquarius is known to stand out in the crowd, much like this classic vase arrangement. The “White Rose Cloud” is a mix of vendella white roses in the chic black vase, and will be the perfect gift to any Aquarius. 


Aquarius is represented by different shades of blue, especially turquoise, so the “Love for Turquoise” is ideal for any Aquarius in your life. It’s a mix of vendella roses, dahlias, turquoise sprayed callas and leaves. The touches of white orchids beautifully complete this arrangement.

December flowers


For a signature rose option, the “Signature Blue Rose Box With Pearl Ribbon”, is a mix of royal blue roses with a pearl ribbon. It is as unique and whimsical as Aquarius and is sure to make their day!

12. Flowers for Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Pisces are a water sign and are represented by a pair of fish. They are known for being the most empathetic zodiac sign right alongside Cancer, and they will do whatever they need to, to see their loved ones happy and taken care of. They are compassionate, infinitely generous, and very in touch with their emotions. Pisces are very creative and artistic, and most likely express their creativity in everyday life. They are very easily trusting of the people around them, and can be easily swayed. The caring Pisces is represented by the colors seagreen, lavender and violet.




This beautiful, lush arrangement is a mix of violet and white shades. With violet dahlias and roses and touches of polka dot orchids, “Violet Elegance” is instantly impressive and is sure to win over any Pisces.



Delphinium are gentle, soft and so pleasing to the eye, just like Pisces. “Delphinium Amour” with hydrangeas, peonies, orchids and of course Delphinium is a lavender dream that will stand out and appeal to any Pisces.


Lastly for a Signature rose option, the “Signature Deep Purple Rose Box” provides a beautiful hue of purple, that turns darker at the edges, and encapsulated by the contrasting warm white box.

                                                                                                                                                              Author: Izabella Avetisyan