Best JLF Flowers According to your Zodiac Sign

Since the beginning of time humans have looked into the stars for guidance and inspiration. They have tried to use constellations to make sense of the events occurring in the world, and to tell the future. Today we often use our own zodiac signs to find out more about ourselves, our personalities and our relationships. But have you ever considered looking to your zodiac sign to pick the perfect flower arrangement? If you’re having trouble choosing an arrangement for your girlfriend, mom, sister or even just a treat for yourself, here is a guide created for you to look to the stars once again and pick the perfect arrangement tailored to your sign! 

1. Flowers for Aries ( March 20 - April 19 )

Aries is the first and youngest sign of the zodiac, making it the most passionate, confident and competitive in nature. Aries is a fire sign which makes them extremely passionate, motivated, and a confident leader. Frequently referred to as the superheroes of the zodiac, they are extremely independent and dive into their problems head first without  much thought. Their childlike nature is commonly represented by the fiery colors of red and orange. 

  The JLF arrangement “Orange you Happy” in the crystal vase perfectly represents the bright personalities of Aries with the orange dahlias, arranged with the beautiful geraldine roses and callas.
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What Your Favorite Flower Says About You

If you’re browsing through the JLF website, first of all thank you! And second, you clearly have a love and appreciation for the beauty of flowers. They come in different types, colors, scents and will make the gloomiest person smile. They can express what you want to say without using any words at all. If you are a lover of flowers, you’re bound to have a favorite and the flower you choose to be your own, could say so much about who you are as a person. Here is a fun guide to learn a bit more about your favorite flower and see what it says about you!

 1. Rose 

There is nothing more classic and timeless than a rose. It will simply never go out of style. They come in an endless amount of colors, and each of the colors carry their own meaning. Some common colors include red, pink, white, orange and purple. Red roses are considered the universal symbol of love, romance and deep affection. Pink roses represent femininity, grace and joy. White roses are a symbol of innocence, purity and remembrance. Purple roses represent royalty as they were often given to Kings and Queens. Orange roses represent enthusiasm and passion.

Flower Says About You
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Flowers as Relationship Binders

JLF Everlasting 12

“What surrounds us, controls us,” they say. What if we or the ones we love controlled what that ‘something special’ is— what gets to control us. Perhaps one would choose to be hemmed in by the lively presence of gaudy flowers, or in the peaceful arms of nature, while birds chirped away.

Whatever that ‘something special’ is, we can easily recognize that somewhere in that peaceful image or aura, are flowers— setting the scenery with a radiant tone of romance, passion, and emotion.

The way one sees it, flowers serve the energetic means of self-expression, of feelings— they are relationship binders or means of strengthening the connection between two people.

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Flowers and Allergies

JLF Signature Rose 1

It’s a woman’s (and occasionally a man’s) favorite thing- being gifted flowers- smelling and seeing them, being surrounded by them. More often than commonly noticed, these flowers become problematic. They take one’s breath away. Not in the romantic or amorous manner, but quite literally- in the form of allergies.  

Imagine being on the other side of things-  as the one gifting the flowers. Ultimately, what was initially a good deed, a sweet surprise, can turn into a perfectly failed scenario. But what if you knew exactly what to avoid and what to pick up for that special someone, who just happens to have allergies!

To clarify some of those concerns, without compromising on the look or charm of the bouquet, here is a compilation of flowers to avoid and others that can replace them.

 Worst: Daisies and Sunflowers 

Despite their simple yet attractive presence, daisies and sunflowers are known to be among the worst when it comes to pollen activity, meaning that they produce and release too much of it. According to, the pollen flies from “male” flowers to fertilize the “female,” which makes sure that more ‘flower bloom’ can occur. As a result, this irritant activates allergies for those who are sensitive.

Best: Carnations and Daffodils

To replace these beautifully plain options, one cannot go wrong with carnations or daffodils. With their vibrant colors and lively tones, these two are sure to make any bouquet pop, emphasizing their fun and exciting energy.

Worst: Chamomiles and Dahlias:

Effortlessly alluring and sure to decorate any bouquet with love, asters, chamomiles and dahlias are also known to make allergy-sufferers, suffer. While these are all pollen-rich flowers and are the main group known to cause allergies, fragranced flowers like jasmine and lilacs are also to be looked out for.

Best: Roses, Peonies, Orchids, Tulips

Exchangeably, roses, peonies, orchids or even tulips are an allergy-free and eloquent addition to any bouquet, as they are deemed suitable for any occasion. 

Worst and Best: Lillies

 The beautiful lily is another suitable choice for allergy sufferers if the pollens are removed.  Since allergens are typically found in a plant’s pollen, not having the substance is a major plus. While you can’t remove pollen from some lilies, many lilies contain pollen that can easily be removed. Asiatic lilies come in gorgeous pink, red, orange, and mixed colors, making it both hypo-allergenic and a sight for sore eyes. However, Oriental lilies such as Stargazer lilies are very fragrant, people either tend to adore their intense fragrance or really can’t abide it. Sensitivity to the smell may cause a headache.

 Today’s flower market is booming and blooming with options, but being considerate of allergies and other health concerns is just as thoughtful as is the initial idea of gifting flowers. So the next time you’re out searching for that special bouquet for someone, think about allergies and possibly avoiding an unpleasant situation, simply by picking the right bouquet. 

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Author: Marian Sahakyan

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