The Perfect JLF Arrangement for November Babies

November officially begins the Holiday season! The weather is colder, the leaves are colorful and the drinks are warm. If you were born in this month your astrological sign is either a Scorpio or a Sagittarius and your flower is the lovely chrysanthemum. Below are the ideal JLF Arrangements for you! 


JLF Signature Orange Roses


Our classic and highly coveted signature roses in orange. 

They are simple, elegant and their color is perfect for November!  It also resembles the November birthstone which is the orangey yellow topaz.






Another JLF Arrangement that resembles the November Birthstone Topaz is the yellow-full “Shine Like a Star”.


It’s filled with yellow roses, spray roses, white tulips and fillers.

It’s bright coloring is sure to fill any room with sunshine!

Shine Like A Star
Oh My Gosh!


A lot of November babies have the astrological sign “Scorpio”. 


The Scorpio colors are warm maroons and deep reds. The deep shades in “Oh My Gosh’ are just that. They also represent a lot of the dark and moody Scorpio characteristics and are perfect for any Scorpio November baby… or just anyone that enjoys deep and dark red shades.




Another astrological present in November is the fun Sagittarius. The Sagittarius colors are purples. Our new arrival “The Majestic Garden” is filled with dark and light purples as well as touches of light pink. The rich purples and pastel pinks gorgeously contrast each other in a beautiful ceramic vase.

Majestic Garden
J'Aime Le Rose




Another New Arrival is our new low centerpiece boxes perfect for any occasion that you may have during November like Thanksgiving. The ‘’J’aime le rose’ is an arrangement filled with pastel pinks and whites. The colors of the arrangement can be substituted with any color scheme that your occasion is going for! 






This lush arrangement is named perfectly after the month of November. A mix of bright oranges, deep reds and purples it encompasses the feeling of fall making any environment automatically cozy. 

All About November