JLF Thanksgiving Favorites

It’s almost time for one of our favorite holidays, Thanksgiving. A holiday that reunites families, fills our bellies and sets the tone of the holiday season. The turkey, yams and mashed potatoes will of course be present at the table but if you (like us) want to add an extra special luxury touch to your thanksgiving dining table, here is a compiled list of the perfect arrangements to fit the grateful mood!

Thanksgiving Classic


This beautiful urn is filled with orange pumpkins, flexed tulips, ranunculus and autumn leaves and instantly transforms any room into an autumn wonderland. It’s the perfect centerpiece for your thanksgiving dinner adding a classic yet festive feel to your family dinner. 

Autumn with Mini Pumpkins and Blossoms

The unofficial thanksgiving color is orange to fit the fall mood so there will be a lot of oranges in this list. This beautiful dark red, orange and black arrangement has a traditional color scheme but the garden roses, dahlias and mini pumpkins make it something your guests have never seen before.  

Pumpkin Magic Large


Another staple of the fall and thanksgiving season reimagined, the pumpkin. Instead of a box or a traditional vase this beautiful arrangement in a real pumpkin is filled with oranges, reds and greens and is the perfect on theme touch to your table. 

Colors of Thankfulness 


As the name suggests this arrangement has all the vibes fit for Thanksgiving. Bright oranges, deep reds and beautiful golden pumpkins this arrangement is sure to add a pop of color to your table and have all your guests taking pictures beside it.  

Heart of Thanks

If you’re someone that still wants to add something special to your thanksgiving dinner but don’t love the bright orange color scheme, here is a more subdued color scheme perfect for you and perfect for Thanksgiving.

Peach Enchantment

Another more pastelle but still orange option is the peach enchantment. It’s filled with pastel peaches, whites, and some pops of orange and the classic grey box ties it all together.

The Perfect Pumpkin


If you loved the pumpkin but wish it was more neutral, the Perfect Pumpkin is the one for you. A white sprayed pumpkin filled with whites and blush pinks, it’s perfect for a classy but still festive thanksgiving theme.

Last but not least is our amazing 0 calorie Thanksgiving Turkey! It will definitely serve as the best conversation piece, and a photo prop for all your silly family photos. We guarantee it will put all other Thanksgiving dinners to shame.